Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Iron Snakes: Master of the Forge Progress

Hi folks,

I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front the past week or so, as 3rd Term wraps up at school. This is when we bid farewell to our senior students in the lead up to their final University entrance examinations, so it is a busy and emotional time. My Chemistry kids gave me two bottles of Sake as a parting gift; they know me too well x)

Dreadtober is about to start and, true to form, I am ditching everything in my To-Do list to work on some hair-brained, balls-hard, Dreadnought project. As excited as I am about my 7th Dreadnought project, I also felt like I should make a start on my Iron Snakes Master of the Forge. My aim is to get him done before next week's Dreadtober progress report is due. With that in mind, I laid down the base metallics (Leadbelchers and Warplock Bronze), as well as some simple details, such as the helmet plume, purity seals and loin cloth. I may have to touch these up later if necessary.

The project has reached the stage now that it looks like rubbish; I know the kind of detail it requires to make it work and it takes a lot of patience. Next I will be highlighting the Leadbelchers with Runefang Steel, then adding verdigris to the Bronze and gold highlights. After that will be a round of sky blue lense effects and OSL to the eyes and various cable ends, as well as a Shadow Grey/White blend for the targetter lens. Once that is done I will start work on the shield arm and the servo harness, following the same generally scheme.

Assuming all goes well, I will have this guy finished by Monday night, so that I can start planning my Dreadtober Dreadnought. Wish me luck!

See you across the Dreadtable,


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