Monday, 3 October 2016

Dreadtober: Construction Begins

Hi folks,

After staring at my acquired Ironclad Dreadnought in consternation for a while, turning it over in my hands, I decided that the weird wall-thing on its back would be the first to go. Not knowing how it was glued, I jammed a metal file under there and started levering.

The back end popped off pretty easy but the rest of it was quite obviously glued using polystyrene cement; the plastic of the wall was bonded strongly to the Dreadnought. Not strong enough though:

What a mess!

Now that I knew polystyrene cement had been used, I was a bit grumpy (...just a bit). Super-glue, in most cases, I find much easier to remove and clean up. I decided to use my wire cutters on the sarcophagus guff, with the intention of cutting/filing down to the original detail.

Again, it became very obvious that this part had been super-glued on! What in the why for? Anyway, it popped off in two pieces pretty easily, revealing a mess of super-glue underneath.

"Let's use all the super-glue!"

The Imperial Laurel on the left side came off very easily with a hobby blade. I then started working with the blade to scrape away excess plastic and super glue, which left me with this:

Not perfect by a long shot, but ready for the next step.

After a quick bath in Simple Green, the addition of a potential coil and a Dark Angels symbol, as well as a black undercoat, I have the body of my Dark Angels Deathwatch Techmarine Dreadnought ready to paint!

For my next trick, I will be constructing some servo arms and converting a conversion beamer using some seriously old school bitz.

See you across the table,


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