Saturday, 21 April 2018

Dark Angels: Army List Writing

Hi folks,

I have been twisting myself in knots the past couple of days trying to write a 2000 pt Dark Angels army list that will help me to focus my painting efforts. For a long time I have been completely engrossed with painting models that interest me, at the expense of the gaming aspects of model selection, but that is gradually changing.

One of the issues is that I have been one or two model releases behind in my collection since about 4th Edition. My army lists were quite competitive in 2nd Ed and 3rd Ed., I even used to attend tournaments fairly regularly. As the newer units started rolling out, however, financially my focus was being shifted to more mundane things, like buying a house and raising children!  Recently I picked up some Black Knights and Deathwing Knights, but looking at the Dark Angels meta in my area, it is clear that Primaris are dominating in terms of unit choices.

I am not about to jump on the Primaris band-wagon. When I see a Dark Angels list loaded up with them it feels too much like a vanilla army. I need more Dark Angels flavour. The problem I am having is that in trying to secure as many command points as possible, I hamstringing the list in various ways. The list I have at the moment has some potency to it, but will have trouble holding objectives.

Battalion Detachment


Techmarine (boltgun, lightning claw, servo-arm, Shroud of Heroes)


Scout Squad (4 x sniper rifles, heavy bolder)
Tactical Squad (4 x boltguns, lascannon)
Tactical Squad (4 x boltguns, lascannon)


Deathwing Apothecary (stormbolter)
Deathwing Knights (5)

Heavy Support

Landraider Crusader (multi-tmelta, storm bolter, twin assault cannon, 2 x hurricane bolted)
Predator (2 x lascannons, twin-linked lascannons)

Outrider Detachment


Samuel on Corvex


Ravenwing Ancient

Fast Attack

Ravenwing Attack Bike (multi-melta)
Ravenwing Black Knights (5)
Ravenwing Landspeeder (multi-melta)

I am really happy to have the Ravenwing Black Knights and the Deathwing Knights in there, but the rest of the list is in constant flux as I try to maximise buffs and re-rolls. It is driving me quite mad. Right now I am thinking of collapsing the Outrider Detachment, at the loss of 1 CP, so that I don't have to sink points into the attack bike, land speeder and techmarine. That would buy me some space to upgrade the Deathwing Apothecary to an Ancient and perhaps some more shenanigans. Honestly, though, I am at a bit of a loss. If you have any advice, please let me know!

See you across the table,

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