Sunday, 29 April 2018

Hive Fleet Numereji: Malanthrope Progress Part 2

Hi folks,

Well... that is looking a little more sinister now. I worked through a number of increasingly lighter shades of green to get the effect on the toxin sacs. It was freakish to see hands and faces appear when the highlights started to bring out the detail; I hadn't realised they were there!

Spot the hand...

The green was applied using dry-brushing, which I added very carefully to avoid that weird chalky look you sometimes get.

I added some Tamiya Clear Red to the front claws, feeding tendrils and a few odd places near the chest/mouth/hole thingy. I decided not to add any more to the tendril around the body, as I thought that would be a bit OTT.

That leaves just the base to go, which is a bit of a pain actually. Usually I like textured bases, but my nids have there own style that doesn't suit this one too well. I'll have to see if I can change its appearance to fit the light coloured shells the rest of them have. On the whole, though, I am pretty chuffed with the progress.

See you across the table,


P.S. I am REALLY missing my lightbox.

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