Saturday, 28 April 2018

Hive Fleet Numereji: Malanthrope Progress

Hi folks,

With the big move happening next month, I only have a few projects left unpacked to work on. One of them is a Tyranid Malanthrope, which I am planning to have baby-sit some heavy support. Priming this guy a few days ago gave me a chance to use a neat painting hack I saw on social media; using a straw to cover the clear flying stand whilst I sprayed.

The project has reached that tipping point that I have spoken about before. A lot of the preparation work has been done but it looks like rubbish. The next steps will be adding the details that make the project work; shading, highlights, OSL and gore effects.

The upper carapace needs a lot of shading to give it depth. The Leadbelchers is very flat so I usually shade it heavily with black washes.

I am planning some gore effects on the feeder tendrils and fore-arms. I want him to look like he is elbow deep in no good.

The green sacs and eyes are going to get a subtle green/yellow OSL treatment. I may add some gore effects to the little tendrils running down the body as well, though I am feeling that this is a case where less will be more. After that, it will be all about the base.

See you across the table,


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