Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Dark Angels: Grand Master of Chaplains Sapphon TO-DONE!

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I have been experiencing some insomnia for the past couple of weeks, so I have decided to do something constructive with the extra time. The first project to get the midnight treatment was this one. When GW released this model they called it Asmodai, but I'm calling shenanigans on that. In the Angels of Death Codex the Grand Master of Chaplains, Sapphon, was equipped with a powersword. I used to use him all the time, because you had the freedom to choose his wargear cards. That meant that you could give him a jump pack and combat drugs (or the less risky Frenzon) and really wreck face. This guy, to me, has always been Sapphon, not Asmodai. I bought the miniature just before 3rd Edition dropped and he has been shifted from bitz box to bitz box ever since. Not any more!

I considered giving him a jump pack but decided he would be better off supporting my Deathwing Knights on foot. I have plans to do a Lieutenant with a jump pack to support my Ravenwing Knights, so need the spare jump pack anyway. I chose to paint his powersword red to match the swords that the angels hold on the Dark Angels' banners. The crozius also reflects this. The robes were undercoated in Ushbati Bone, washed with sepia then dry brushed very carefully with white. I was really working hard to not leave that chalky look you can get from dry brushing. After that I did a selective wash with Kommando Khaki to knock back the sepia. The black highlights were also drybrushed on in about 5 seconds flat; no hard lining at 2 am! After 2 hours I was done and starting to nod off. Primary and secondary objectives complete!

I'll leave you with the description of Sapphon from the Angels of Death Codex, for those of you who weren't around in those days:

Sapphon is the High Interrogator and Grand Master of Chaplains of the Dark Angels Chapter of Space Marines. Also known as the "Finder of Secrets," Master Sapphon did not receive his esteemed rank of Grand Master due to age or ability as an Interrogator-Chaplain (Master Asmodai is superior in both), but because of his ability as an inspirational leader of men. Even brave and indomitable warriors such as the Dark Angels are inspired by Sapphon's presence when he is amongst them on the battlefield. His presence often leads them to carry out feats of extraordinary valour. 

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