Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Weekly Review: Belial TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

In an unexpected twist tonight, I actually got something finished!

On the Table

I have been tinkering away at a couple of figures for my mates, and in between coats of paint I have been adding details to my Belial model. Sgt Waz gave Belial to me a while ago, mostly painted but in need of some detail work.

To finish it off, I repainted the sword, storm bolter and feathers, followed by four extra layers on the armour. The robes were beautiful already, but I added another highlight to top them off.

Under the Knife

I spent a bit of time this week prepping a lance of old school Unseen Battlemechs for KuriboGoomba. The main task was to back fill the hex bases with green stuff, ready for painting. These 'Mechs are going to be painted in a Comstar scheme: clean white with some metallics.

I also worked a bit on Old Six Eyes, for my Tyranid Hive Fleet. I'm hoping to add some glazes to this model and my Tyranid Warrior Kill Team whenever I get a chance, now that my other side project (Belial) is finished.

On My Mind

I would be lying if I didn't say holidays were on my mind. This term at work has been incredibly busy and emotionally difficult for a host of reasons: not least the death of one of my students after a short battle with cancer and the death of my dog, two weeks later, again after a short illness. I have a week to go before I can drop my bundle in spectacular fashion, though that week will include two 6 hour parent/teacher interview nights (basically double shift, 14 hour days). On top of that I have about 20 hours of marking to do. It is going to be hard to get anything done hobby-wise, but there is always hope! In preparation for being a little more competitive with my Dark Angels, I bought myself a Deathwing Command kit which I will be building as Knights with an Interrogator Chaplain.

I'm sure the extra command bitz will come in handy at some point ;-)

See you across the table,


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