Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Weekly Review: Interromancer Build Complete

Hi folks,

What a whirlwind this week has been. Parent/teacher interviews expanded my working hours this week to 14 hours a day for a couple of days. That last hurdle before the holidays seemed like it was a mile high! Today was my first real chance to do anything hobby related, so I kicked the day off with some Dark Angels conversions for an upcoming game (!) and added a few more details to The Trooper's Van Diemen's World Battlewagon.

On the Table

The Battlewagon had a lot of weathering and details left to do, so I started with the wheels and tracks. To tie it in with the infantry, I have used the same colour I used on their bases (Steel Legion Drab) to dust the tyres and tracks. I then added a highlight of Ushbati Bone, to add even more contrast. I finished it off with some Runefang Steel highlights stippled into the centre of each track wheel.

I also picked out the computer screens and ammo in the Battlewagon's tray with some spot colours. I still need to add the some carbon scoring to the exhaust and paint the twin-heavy bolter and driver assemblies: that's tomorrow Marc's problem.

Under the Knife

My hobby tools got a real workout this morning. To start the day, I converted some Eviscerator swords for my assault squad using parts from Victoria Miniatures. The process involved obtaining and drilling some cross guards from powerswords on the old Ravenwing sprues. I then drilled out the Eviscerator blades and pinned them through the cross guards and into the hands of the marines. The result was quite sturdy and I think they look wicked.

I had to re-drill this hole, as it came out in the wrong place!

Next, I pieced together a real Frankenstein's monster of a Dark Angels Librarian. I am calling him the Interromancer. This guy contains parts from every stratum of my bitz box, from a 3rd Ed. shoulder pad to a Grey Knight force rod and Dark Vengeance backpack.

On my Mind

Early next week I am going to be playing a game against Sgt Waz, showcasing the Fallen Angels (and my ham-fisted attempts to capture them). This will be the first 40K game I have played in about 12 months, so I have been very busy writing army lists and making sure I have all the right models. I am really hoping I can get the Interromancer finished for the game! Tomorrow we are all meeting up to watch the latest Sasuke (if you don't know what this is, do yourself a favour and find out), so I don't see much painting getting done. Then again, stranger things have happened...

See you across the table,


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