Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Weekly Review: Imperial Knight Progress

Hi folks,

After spending a few months not wanting to do anything, I realise I have been a bit manic the past couple of weeks. I'm bouncing from one project to another without getting anything finished and every project brings with it its own compelling motivation. This week I am going to make a more concentrated effort to finish some things off.  Last week, I was still rolling with the punches...

On the Table

I made a big effort to paint a Dark Angels Devastator squad for a game I had planned. I nearly got there before real life caught up with me! They still need some serious green highlights and basing work, but I am pretty pleased with the progress.

After running myself into the ground trying to get this squad ready, I couldn't stomach working on them tonight, so instead I made a start on my Imperial Knight Warden's base. You can compare what I am doing with the original plan here.

Under the Knife

I have been pushing the construction of my Imperial Knight Warden forward, to the point where I can start spraying the under-structure and work in some washes/glazes. All of the external armour panels are going to be painted separately, which should give me a better handle on them if I want to do some free-hand designs.

I have also been adding some combi-plasma weapons to my Command Squad. I have been swapping a lot of plasma weapons out of my Dark Angels army, to provide a bit more balance to the damage output. The Command Squad will be one of the exceptions though, taking advantage of the Apothecary to survive some more of those failed Gets Hot rolls.

On my Mind

This week I agreed to a challenge on the 30K Google+ community forum, to paint a 30K marine in a random Legion scheme (yet to be announced). I am really looking forward to giving it a krak; it's not like I have anything else to do...

In other news, I had a great game of 40K a few nights ago, which I am busy writing up a battle report for. Here's a sneak peak:

See you across the table,


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