Thursday 14 September 2017

2017/18 To-Do List

Hi folks,

After a whole lot of distractions last hobby season, I have resolved to push on and complete the projects I neglected during the past 12 months. In truth, I did manage to push quite a few of these units closer to completion, but never quite got there with any of them. Here's a break down of what I am planning.

Iron Snakes

It is fair to say that I  have been neglecting my Iron Snakes for too long. This season I am going to add another HQ unit, preferably a Captain of some description. I will also try to finish off the Storm Eagle which I undercoated last season. I'm thinking that I will revisit Squad Aegis for Squaduary in February, perhaps with some added twin lascannon Centurions to bulk out the unit. Finally, I bought some nice helmet crests that would allow me to convert a Tactical Squad of Iron Snakes, so now is a good time to try and do Damocles some justice.

Dark Angels

I have been tinkering with my old assault squad the past couple of days, updating it for 8th Edition. Ironically, this has involved putting Plasma Pistols back in the squad, after snapping them off in frustration a few years ago! The Ravenwing elements are long overdue for completion, so no surprises there, but I am also really hoping to get some detailed characters finished as well. There may even be a converted Sammael on the way...


I have a few Tyranid projects that I want to get done, mainly so I can stop thinking about them! The first is a Hive Crone, though I may change this to a Harpy depending on how they play. I also have an Aliens themed Tyranid Warrior brood that I would like to finish, because they look so damn cool. For Dreadtober this year I can't see myself buying another Dreadnought; I'm not going to say that I have too many Dreadnoughts, but... anyway, I think Old Six Eyes will fit the brief as a Tyranid equivalent.


Move along. Nothing to see here...

Random Fun

I seriously am itching to get my first Imperial Knight complete. All of the pieces are undercoated and I am starting to work on the layering, but it is a long, highly enjoyable process. Kadillus Lighthouse... well, it has been on the list from the beginning. I may turn it into some kind of 24 hour marathon event. Last but not least, I am hoping to paint some presents for the guys, because that's our thing.

So there you have it, another crazy hobby season begins!

See you across the table,