Friday 18 March 2022

Legion of the Damned Dreadnought TO-DONE!!!


Hi folks,

It feels like it has been ages since I posted anything, primarily because it literally has been ages. So far, this year has been horrible. My son was pretty sick with COVID at the start of the school term, which also happens to be a rotten time to have time off, due to the workload all teachers have as we try to get everything going. A week after returning to work I became unwell myself, with some random thing, that put me in the hospital within a couple of days and made me profoundly unwell for 8 days. In total, I lost 8 kg of weight during this time, which is over 10% of my body weight. Within 2 hours of me returning to work, something else happened, which has taken weeks of active management to settle. The short of it is, real life has really put me in a dark hole the past couple of months. I'm slowly digging myself out, but it is going to take some time. During the last coupe of days of my illness, when I could stomach sitting up for a while, I managed to finish this Dreadnought for the 2nd Ed. Army challenge. I even wrote some fiction to go with it, which has been published on the challenge blog.

A fun challenge for the month was to paint something red (it is a 2nd Edition challenge, after all!). I chose to start working on some objective markers, starting with this Khorne helmet. Poor guy must have had some seeds in his pockets, because Khorneflowers have bloomed where he fell...

At the moment I am constructing a combat squad for the next challenge deadline, and feverishly painting a Tyranid monstrosity for Monster March... more about that later!

See you across the table,