Monday 15 February 2021

Squaduary: Termagants and Van Diemen's World Vets


Hi folks,

The past couple of weeks (or has it been months??) I have been slogging away at a Van Diemen's World Veteran heavy weapons squad for my mate Wade. They were meant to be a Birthday present, and then a Christmas present, and now here we are half-way through February! I love painting them, but they are hard. It is just a really intense project. At the moment I am working on the heads, which have taken 1-2 hours each. I'm hoping that once that is done I will feel better about it all and push through to get them finished at last. 

"Stone the flaming crows, son!"

To give my eyes a break, I also painted a Hive Fleet Numereji Termagant brood for #squaduary. You can hardly see the pigment going on, so it really is a leap of faith when you sweep that paintbrush. After a few coats though, the reflectivity builds up, and if you turn it just so... well... take a look for yourself.

Rainbow serpent, indeed.

I had an Assault Intercessor squad planned for squaduary as well, which feels a bit like madness at the moment. But I achieved more difficult goals last year, so maybe I'll crank them out as well to add to my Iron Snakes (the finished ones... remember?).

See you across the table,