Wednesday 2 February 2022

2nd Edition Army Challenge: Legion of the Damned Bike Squad Complete!!!


Hi folks,

I have been a bit quiet lately as we have had a lot going on at home and work; it has not been a smooth start to the year by any measure.

For my January slice of the 2nd Edition pizza I had 6 bikes planned, including an old school Chaplain. After working for a few days on cleaning the models up, priming and free-handing the flames in Corax White, I realised the folly of that decision. I could either do 6 in a rush or 3 really well! As you can see from the photos, I chose the latter (if I am permitted to call my own models "really well" done).

I added a lot of fun little free-hand details, as I didn't want to pull them completely apart to add any Legion of the Damned specific bits. I don't have too much of that to go around anyway, so I am saving them for other units. I am really glad now that I chose purple and green as spot colours. They are a bit outside the box when it comes to Legion of the Damned, but I think they add a bit if interest to the scheme and contrast well with the flames. Additionally, where the scheme in White Dwarf did flat Boltgun Metal, I have added some components that are tinted with sepia.

For the first time ever (ever!), I had a go at painting the digital displays on the bike. I painted them like the motion trackers in Aliens as best as I could; it required me forsaking caffeine for a couple of hours.

The faces on Legion of the Damned models are always a challenge. I have seen them painted up as skulls, on done very pale, in White Dwarf magazine. For the sergeant I went for higher contrast, I very ghoulish look, based on Rakarth Flesh. I used Agrax Earthshade as the wash and highlighted with Rakarth/Ushabti Bone mixes. I painted the eyes bright green, to maintain commitment to the chosen spot colours (all of the eye lenses are purple).

Here's a big fat stamp for my efforts:

In February I will be repainting one of my oldest miniatures for the challenge, an old school Dreadnought. I have also just noticed that fellow bloggers and 40K friends on MeWe are starting to work on Squaduary projects, so I am going to spend some time this afternoon picking something to do as well!

See you across the table,