Friday 19 July 2019

Kill Team: Dark Angels Hunting Party TO-DONE!!!

Hi folks,

I finished assembling this Kill Team a while ago, but didn't get around to posting the finished product. This blog is often a chronicle of my thought processes, so, even though the squad doesn't offer anything new to look at, I thought I would post them and let you in on the idea behind this team.

Looking at my Dark Angels army list, I was wondering what kind of a Kill Team they would assemble if the necessity arose. My thoughts were that the Devastator squad could split, providing some heavy fire support, lead by their Sergeant. I thought the sergeant may have also assigned some scouts to the team, as part of their training. The heavy bolter scout could get some practical advice from his devastator counterpart and the sniper rifle scouts could be supervised by a boltgun toting devastator/spotter. The Reiver sergeant may be there as an advisor of some sort; the lone survivor of his squad joining a Kill Team out for vengeance, perhaps? A volunteer Primaris with something to prove? A Plains World warrior joining his brothers, in honour of their shared heritage, for one final suicide mission?

The two sergeants are very different in focus, with the Devastator sergeant taking the Leader specialism and a combi-plasma. I know from previous games that the high strength and AP of a plasma weapon is very useful. The option of supercharging is also fun, though could lead to me knocking out my own Leader (it has happened before...).

The Reiver sergeant is all about close-combat, taking the Combat specialism. Four attacks is nothing to sniff at!

The scout contingent includes a scout gunner armed with a heavy bolter, which I have given the Sniper specialism. Re-rolling 1's on a multi-shot weapon is pretty nifty. At higher levels, things like Quick Shot will really be fun to use.

The marine contingent includes a non-specialist marine with a boltgun, to join the two sniper scouts in a Fire Team. The marine with the heavy bolter has the Heavy specialism, which should provide some added mobility and punch. The plasma cannon toting marine is actual a company veteran from the Elites expansion (one Dark Angels veteran can have a heavy weapon). He has no specialism, but running around with a plasma cannon in Kill Team is special enough!

The list adds up to 125 points, which will be a nice counter-point to the Fallen team I am also working on at the moment. More about them later!

See you across the table,