Saturday 4 November 2023

Dark Angels Ballistus Dreadnought: TO-DONE!!!


Hi folks,

If you have been following the DreadTober blog for the past month, you will know that the challenge is finished for 2023 and I managed to finish my project off just in time. This project was a labour of love from start to finish, as I tried to pay homage to the old school 2nd Ed. Dark Angels Dreadnought box art. This was a little tricky to do due to the additional design elements the new Ballistus dreadnought has when compared to the old castraferrum. The model is a lot busier, so I had to make some careful colour choices to make the old scheme still work, i.e. figuring out what to do with the missile launcher so that the red casing still contrasted nicely against the nearby shades.

I added a couple of freehand Devastator symbols to reflect the fire support role this Dreadnought will assume on the battlefield. You can't fit many anti-armour units in a 1000 pt list, so it will have some heavy lifting to do in regard to removing high toughness targets.

Overall, I am very happy with how the finished product. Having the pressure of the challenge deadline and the support of so many hobbyists really helped to get this one over the line. I really want to get my army ready for the Christmas break, when I will have some time to play games. Hopefully, I can set myself some deadlines along the way and maintain the little bit of momentum that I have.

See you across the table,