Saturday 30 October 2021

DreadTober: Armiger Warglaive "Patroclus" Audax TO-DONE!!!


Hi folks,

I have been so busy keeping the DreadTober blog up to date that I have neglected my own blog this month. If you are interested in seeing some more WIP shots of this little fella, check out the weekly updates I have already posted there! 

Overall, DreadTober seems to have been going well this year. The number of page views have been down in line with how all blogs seem to be going at the moment, but there is a solid core of contributors that have been diligently posting their progress and commenting. As I have mentioned previously, I would far prefer to have less views in exchange for more engagement, so I am content that the challenge has been getting out to the people who count. It has been particularly great to see some of my contacts form other 40K circles getting involved, particularly the 2nd Edition Army Challenge folks and some mates from Australia (g'day Dippa!!). 

My project this year is the final nail in my "Walls of Ithaka" coffin. This is a 1500 point Imperial Knight army I have been working on since winning a Knight Warden a while back. Next post I'll see if I can get them all together for a photo shoot. The Armiger Warglaive "Patroclus" Audax (or, "Courageous Patroclus", if you prefer...) is the squire of "Achilles" Aeternum, who I painted for DreadTober last year. He'll gain advantages from being next to the Preceptor, which creates a nice in-game dynamic for them that reflects their relationship in Homer's Iliad. 

I huge thanks goes out to Taro Modelmaker who sculpted and cast the resin sword and head pieces. If you are hunting for custom Imperial Knight parts, I definitely recommend searching for him on Etsy.

See you across the table,


Sunday 3 October 2021

Van Diemen's World Veterans: Heavy Weapon Squad TO-DONE!!!


H folks,

About 12 months ago The Trooper and I put a fairly big order into Victoria Miniatures to bolster his Imperial Guard collection (Astra Millawhatsits). I have been working on them ever since, in short bursts. I find Victoria Miniatures figures to be beautiful but challenging to paint. As a result, I hit quite a few stumbling blocks with these guys. During the last stages of painting the squad, I was spending 2 hours on each infantry model just to finish them off! That's why I don't collect Imperial Guard, I guess.

The autocannons themselves were completed a long time ago. They look a lot like Bren guns, a light support machine gun used by Australia in active service for a long time. I have painted the rounds with a blue tip to represent incendiary rounds (note also the blue stripe on the ammo boxes. The bases were done using dried soil from out near Parkes/Dubbo in central-western NSW. My mother-in-law went for a tour out there and collected soil wherever they stopped for me to use as basing material. All I can say is that I felt very loved!

See you across the table,