Friday 21 February 2014

What is "old school" gaming?

How many roads must a man travel down until he is called an “old school gamer”. I never experienced 40k during its seminal Rogue Trader era, or Battletech before the Clans invaded, or even the first edition of Magic the Gathering. I definitely didn’t play D&D back in the 70’s. But I have been playing long enough to talk about “the good old days”. Gaming has been a part of my life for a long time, and many of the best times I have had with my mates have been around a gaming board of some type. Experience has taught us to stick to a thing when it is good and ride it hard. Looking back, it is amazing to see how the games we play have changed, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the downright abominable. This blog is about getting the most out of the games we love and sharing those experiences. It is about old games and reclaiming the good old days. It is about new games being turned into classics. Most importantly, it is about good friends getting together and doing it “old school.”

So what can you expect from this blog? I’m planning on posting photos and reports of games we have played, review new games and rule-sets, develop new house rules and discuss play tests, showcase gaming projects and discuss old school heroes and villains in a weekly editorial.

How can you contribute? Feel free to send me photos of your games with a description of what you did (long or short). Let me know about what you are having fun with and what gets your goat in the gaming world. Send me some pics of your gaming projects and help support other gamers in our community by checking out their work and giving them encouragement. Finally, you can vote for the “Old School Hero/Villain” of the week and send me nominations. Above all, you can keep gaming!

See you across the table,

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