Thursday 20 March 2014

Old School Hero of the Week: Roy Fokker


I can remember the day Roy Fokker died.

Well, I can remember watching the Robotech episode, anyway. I was only a little tyke in those days and I can remember walking up to my mum with tears in my eyes, asking her what had happened. She had to explain to me that sometimes when people get hurt, even the hospital can’t save them, they can go downhill very quickly and still die. This was HUGE for me, a devastating life lesson that has stuck with me and prepared me a few times for the reality of life and death in the real world. 
Before the other characters get a chance to worm their way into your heart, Roy proves himself to be a hero. He is an ace Valkyrie pilot and cool guy in general. Roy Fokker was an exceptional pilot during the Global War (below, from Macross Zero) and first Robotech War against the Zentraedi. No matter which show you watched, the wounds that end up killing Fokker are sustained whilst protecting his friends. He is my first pick for Old School Hero of the Week from the Robotech/Macross universe, even if he isn’t my absolute favourite.

I have added a few YouTube links this week, which I promise I won't do all the time. Try and take a look if you have time.

Name: Roy Fokker (or Focker)

Background: After the death of his father Fokker was taken in by Michael Hunter, Rick’s father, who ran a flying circus. He took up the role as Rick’s big brother, with the two becoming very close. A year prior to the arrival of SDF-1, Fokker answered the call to serve his country and enlisted in the US Navy. He was assigned to the famed Skull Squadron, becoming the fastest pilot in history to be made a double ace. He also lost five wingmen during this time. He lost his sixth wingman taking out an entire squadron singlehandedly, on the exact day SDF-1 crashed to Earth.

In 2005, Fokker returned to the Flying Circus, having resigned his commission in the military. He didn’t stay long though, as he was offered a new role in the United Earth Forces as a test pilot. Fokker was dispatched back to Macross Island where he joined Project Valkyrie. He survived several attempts on his life, including the crash of his prototype Valkyrie while testing the Guardian (known as GERWALK in Macross) configuration. After proving the power of the Valkyrie, he flew against the Zentraedi until finally losing his life. Again, the way this occurs depends on which show you have watched.

Weapon of choice: VF-1S Valkyrie

Claim to fame: First and foremost he is an exceptional Valkyrie pilot. He is a brother figure to Rick and does pretty well with the "bridge bunnies". In Macross, Roy dies in episode 18 ("Pineapple Salad", called ”Farewell Big Brother” in Robotech), from wounds sustained while defending Macross from Milia Fallyna's (Miriya) force of Queadluun-Rau (girly) battle suits. Instead of going to the hospital to treat his wounds, he chooses to play the guitar while waiting for Claudia to finish her pineapple salad. While she's cooking for him, he collapses from internal bleeding and passes away. Epic dying whilst playing a guitar scene with mushy music: below.

In The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? Film, Roy Focker dies aboard an alien Zentradi ship while fighting Quamzin Kravshera. He sacrifices himself to let both Hikaru Ichijyo and Misa Hayase escape (below, 45.20 to 46.40, or do yourself a favour, watch the whole thing!).

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