Friday, 16 May 2014

Bears and Lighthouses

Well, I've hit that really pointy part of the school year when every teacher is writing, supervising and marking tests. This is quickly followed by writing reports (I have about 90 to do). I can feel the gamers paradox biting hard; when you are young have lots of time but no money, when you are old you have money but no time!

Having said that, I have played a few games of Battletech, including a ripper this week, that will have to wait for another post. I have also been saving my spare change for a brief foray into MtG 2014 sometime this month.

Hobby wise, I have managed to finish painting and basing KuriboGoomba's first Ghost Bear Mech, a Horned Owl (well, a Shadowhawk IIC dressed up like a Horned Owl). I based it in a "spring thaw" theme, because I figured that would be when the bears come out to play. I still have some decals to put on and some touch ups to do that I only noticed after taking photos. Ahhh the joy of blogging.

I have also hastily PowerPoint-ed a mock-up of the Kadillus Lighthouse, using parts from an antique lighthouse I found on the web (for $1850...). My good mate Jimmy is set to receive a 3D printer over the next couple of weeks, so we are going to have a go at digitally designing a similar structure for the beacon and printing it off. This can only end well.


See you across the table,


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