Tuesday 21 July 2015

Painting Dinosaur Terrain Markers

Hi folks,

About three years ago I picked up some Velociraptors from the Tamiya model range, because I thought they looked like fun. They featured in my article on regaining your "Hobby Mojo" as a little side project that I tinker with whenever I need to do something different. Well, during my last holiday I finished them off with the help of my daughter, so I thought I would share the experience; it was pure awesome-sauce.

The assembly stage was a long process, as the pieces didn't fit together particularly well and some of the surfaces were quite small but load bearing. My wife was the first to have a krak at it (before we had kids!) and managed to glue her fingers together but not much else. I pinned the buggins out of them so they are now well and truly stuck.

I followed the assembly up with a black spray undercoat followed by XF-49 Khaki from Tamiya.

Next up I changed the appearance of the Khaki coat with some Citadel washes. I wanted to differentiate the pack into mating pairs, so I setteled on three washes, Devlan Mud, Thraka Green and Ogryn Flesh. My daughter helped me do the washes, which was great fun; she constantly amazes me with how careful and deliberate she is. To make it a bit easier for her I blue-tacked the models and the pot to the table. The biggest lesson for her was realising when there was too much wash on a certain part, which she could then push around to other parts of the model that weren't covered yet. She had an absolute ball.

We did three models each. After the first coat we added some more wash in stripes or blobs, which I then neatened up by drybrushing khaki highlights.

After the main colours were established I went through and picked out some details such as the claws, teeth and eyes (blimey... the eyes were small). I also painted the mouth in a fleshy pink colour followed by a gloss varnish. The bases were washed with a skin tone I had lying around (left), followed by Devlan Mud (right). After that I finished them off with a couple of laser cut ferns, for that authentic Jurassic feel (...or are they just West Indian Lilac?). I'm keen to do a tutorial on using these ferns, as they can be a real pain if you haven't used them before.

That was it! They were all finished and ready to stalk the dangerous terrain on my 40K jungle table. Here are some photos of the finished raptors. Enjoy!

See you across the table,


P.S. This is my undecoatin' stick being used to paint some Ravenwing bikers. What does this pic remind you of...?

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