Friday 8 April 2016

Van Diemen's World Devils: Commissar Build Complete

Hi folks,

ANZAC day is coming around again here in Australia, which means it is time for me to finish the Van Diemen's World Devils I have been working on. This time last year I was busy building a platoon of female Van Diemen's guard, but I never got a chance to paint them. They have been packed away for 12 months whilst I... plotted.

Anyway, over the next couple of days I am going to hit this project hard and try to knock it over. To start with, I assembled a Commissar to maintain the discipline of any allies present on the battlefield. The model is the most recent plastic sculpt, which I am hoping to paint in the next 48 hours for all the Hobby Bingo players out there. I have added a small bit of detail with the signature slouch hat.

I love the old school looking power sword and grizzled face this guy has. I can't stop thinking about Crocodile Dundee and his dirty big knife:

I am a bit torn about how to paint him; Commissars have a pretty well established colour palette. Part of me wouldn't mind giving him a Drizabone jacket, which is a rich muddy brown. I have a Drizabone (dry-as-a-bone) at home that smells of leather, horse and campfires; it is the quintessence of Australian Outback apparel :-)

I am going to give him a quick spray undercoat and then delay my decision on the paint scheme until tomorrow. I guess if the brown doesn't look good I can always go back over it with black. Wish me luck!

See you across the table,


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