Saturday 27 August 2016

2016/17 To-Do List

Hi folks,

What to do, what to do? Here is my To-Do list for the next hobby season:

It contains some projects that I have carried over from the last year, such as my Iron Snakes Master of the Forge, Ravenwing Attack Squadron and Kadillus Lighthouse. I am focusing on the Iron Snakes to begin with, as I missed them a bit last season. I am also keen to finish my Imperial Knight Warden.

The list also has some new stuff, as I knocked over all of my Tyranid projects last season. Scattered through the list are a few mystery projects, partially because I don't know what they are myself yet! For example, I'm not quite sure which Dark Angels characters I will be painting, or exactly how big a throng of genestealers is ( could be quite big). "Paint my present" returns for another year, encompassing all of the things people give me as gifts, or figures I paint for other people. I don't know which objective markers I'll do, but who doesn't like cool objective markers? And secret project X is secret.

Let the season begin!


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