Monday 26 December 2016

Labyrinth: Miniatures TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

For Christmas this year I got the Wifey the Labyrinth boardgame, which she reviewed a couple of days ago. The miniatures for the game are supplied unpainted, which set me quite a challenge in the lead up to Christmas day. My painting progress is best described as glacial, so getting anything done within a tight deadline is like pulling teeth. I'm sure having kids has something to do with it...

Thankfully, Sgt Waz and I were just getting into the swing of The Trooper's Yu Jing army and he was happy to have a craic as well. I sent him home with Jareth and Sarah, knowing that they would be in safe hands.

To finish Jareth I painted his magic crystal with a glass scheme I usually use on my 40K lenses. I also painted his necklace and blue cloak. I left sarah completely as is, because she was already fantastic.

I started working on Ludo and finished him off pretty quickly. Most of the work was done with an orange undercoat followed by multiple sepia washes. I dry-brushed some pink over the darker skin to match his appearance in the film, as well as orange irises.

Sir Didymus was the hardest of the collection, clocking in at 8 hours; I finished him at 2 am Christmas morning! The heraldry was great fun to paint, though it did mean I had to refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks for a few days.

Hoggle was a bit of an experiment in skin tones, which I may re-visit at some point. He has very different skin to the human characters in the movie, which was hard to achieve. A few glazes of a lighter skin tone will probably do the trick. Overall, I am happy with how he turned out and I was keen to add him to the collection so we could start playing :-)

So that's it: project complete! As soon as the kids fall asleep tonight we are going to jump into a game and drown ourselves is nostalgia.

See you across the table,


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