Monday 27 November 2017

Paint My Present!

Hi folks,

With Christmas looming, it is time to take stock of the projects I am working on for my mates. Ideally, I want to get all of these done before Christmas Day, which is going to take some shenanigans. Thankfully, I am only two weeks away from school holidays, which should give me some free time.

1) Grey Knights

The Trooper has been on a real painting kick this year, getting heaps of models finished for his Blood Angels army. I gave him these Grey Knights a couple of years ago as a moving in present (to ward off lingering Daemons and all that...), and he decided to have a craic at them too. With all of the base colours and the most important washes done, these guys are ready for some detail work. Included in this lot is Grand Master Voldus, who I would like to spend some extra time on.

2) Haramaki Zensenbutai with Missile Launcher

This guy is a left over from last year's epic 300 pt Yu Jing speed paint-fest. After playing his Infinity army a couple of times proxying a missile launcher, The Trooper actually went out and bought one of the blighters. Having painted a couple of them last year, I am pretty confident I can knock over this job quickly. I am not looking forward to taking him on again on the tabletop; last game this model sniped from a rooftop and took out the majority of my Ariadna force single-handed.

3) Ghost Bear Mechs

These miniatures for Battletech are long overdue, but I have been making quite a bit of progress with them. I'm hoping to get the last three finished for KuriboGoomba by the start of next week. Just a dozen or so tiny lenses to go...

4) Guija Yu Jing TAG

Sgt Waz got up to this stage before running out of steam; all airbrushing and washes by the looks of it. To free him up to do some more pressing projects, I have agreed to finish this one off for KuriboGoomba as well. NMM is the standard for these figures, so I am going to go slightly crazy painting this one.

5) Sapphon, Dark Angels Master of Chaplains

Something for me! This guy is going to have a jump pack and bounce around with my newly reformed Assault Squad. I have been using this model on-and-off since I started playing the game; super excited to be finally painting it ;-)

See you across the table,


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