Friday 2 February 2018

Iron Snakes: Chapter Master Seydon Progress

Hi folks,

Work has started again and it is biting hard at the moment. Hobby time has been hard to grasp, but I did manage to work on a few components on Seydon. The armour is still looking a bit patchy, so I will probably do another coat of Leadbelchers on some parts.

I have avoided using red on my Iron Snakes, apart from the wax on purity seals, primarily to differentiate them from the Minotaurs Chapter. You can't avoid it in the description of the Irno Snakes though, so I have changed my mind and worked it into the shoulder pads. I have painted it dark enough, I think, for it not to be distracting. After getting the nod from the wifey, I spent and hour adding an extra touch of red to each of my Iron Snakes figures. I'll post some family pics of them when Seydon is finished.

I had a hard time picking a colour for the cloak, again because I didn't want it to be red, even though that was the obvious choice. I settled for a 1:1 mix between Lothern Blue and Kabalite Green on the inside and grey on the outside. I played around with the idea of adding a snake symbol to the back of the robes but I think it would be too distracting, as it repeats the shoulder pad.

So, a bit of work left to do, not least the weapons. My projects are starting to overlap now, due to overall busyness, so it would be great to get this guy finished before I go back to work on Monday.

See you across the table,


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