Saturday 24 November 2018

Kill Team: Necrons WIP

Hi folks,

With the shutting down of Google+ looming, I have been seriously reconsidering how I engage with the 40K online community and searching for alternatives. I have tried just about every platform in the past 10 years and Google+ was by far the best community for a long time. Recently, though, it feels like it is going into a death-curl (that thing that spiders do...).

I have joined an emerging 40k group on MeWe with some familiar faces. If you are interested in jumping ship, here is the link:  Warhammer 40 000.

The hope is to set up a vibrant, supportive 40K community with interesting and imaginative content. It is really in its infancy at the moment, so if you feel like you can make a contribution it would be greatly appreciated.  The chat features are really organic and everyone on there at the moment seems to get on really well.

To celebrate getting the group started Pablo D. Mura has started a Random Army Contest. Participants were all assigned a random army and we are competing to complete a model, unit or force of that army until the end of the year. I drew Necrons, which was a pleasant surprise. I have decided to put together a Kill Team, led by an old Space Crusade android masquerading as a Deathmark!

I added a resin cloak, from the Minotaurs Chapter Asterion Moloc model, as well as a textured base from Micro Art Studio. Micro art have some amazing bases; these ones are some of the more simple designs, which I like to use so that they don't distract from the miniature too much (particularly when the model itself is fairly plain).

After spending a day at the rainforest with the kids, I ducked out to the games room for about an hour to paint him last night. I still haven't finished the base, but he is very close to being completed.

Sgt Waz has some Necron sprues he is going to let me plunder, so I should have a Kill Team ready for the table in no time.

See you across the table,


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