Thursday 28 March 2019

Dark Angels Techmarine TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

A couple of days ago I added the final touches to this guy's servo-arm, then proceeded to base him three times! I tried two other bases that were either too detailed or had detail that messed around too much with the colour pallet. I settled on a plain base with flock and static grass, which contrasts properly with the red of the armour and compliments the green of the purity seals and axe haft (I hope!).

I managed to scrounge a few of my old 3rd Edition Dark Angels shoulder pads, which saved me messing about with a decal. I need to just bite the bullet and get myself some Micro Sol and Micro Set; they make the whole "decals on a curved surface" gig so much easier. I decided to arm him with the classic 2nd Edition combo of plasma pistol and power axe. On the turn when the plasma pistol is recharging you get to use the axe two-handed for extra clobbering power.

Befitting the Native American theme, this guy's Plainsworld name is Walks-Like-a-Bear, which is a Miwok name ("Enyeto"). For his three wargear cards, I am going all out to give him a Power Field Generator (2+ invulnerable save, but counts as encumbered in close combat) servo-arm (negates encumbered in close combat and affords an extra attack) and bionic leg (another extra attack and a special kick attack). That gives him a wicked number of attacks for a Techmarine, but with only one wound I am going to have to be NOT unlucky with my 2+ saves!

With this guy finished it just leaves me with a Callidus Assassin and Predator tank to go. Then my 2000 point Dark Angels (2nd Edition) Army list will be ready for the tabletop. That deserves a stamp, I think!

See you across the table,



  1. Sweet! Congrats on the completion. He looks great.

  2. Thanks mate, I am looking forward to using him in a game :-)

  3. Great stuff. Loving the red you have on him.

    Can we see a full army shot now? No idea how much you could get back then anymore.

    1. I will try and take a full army shot this week... I am sooo close to finishing it now. Just two models to go!