Monday 2 September 2019

2019/20 To-Do List

Hi folks,

Here we go again! I have a few odds and ends to finish from last year, but this year's main focus will be getting my Space Hulk collection painted, including teams for Deathwing and Fallen. I also have a heap of Mechs to work on, which I have left off the list, so keep an eye out for them if BattleTech is your thing ;-)

This is the first time I will be painting Blood Angels (at least, one's I intend to keep). Dark Angels and Blood Angels!! We're getting the band back together!!

Wish me luck!

See you across the table,



  1. I've got those Genestealers on my list and with my Deathwing Knights we could be 50:50 twins! I ant reconcile the Genestealer bases. I was going to go 32mm, and even then some don't fit but can't get away from the fact 25mm bases are gaming optimal...

    1. I hear you, I am finding the decision a bit easier as I am not planning on using them at all for my Jormy list; they will be in a completely different colour scheme. I bought a bunch of sculpted 32 mm bases a while ago which I am planning on using.

  2. Good luck Marc Darwin was amazing and there were some salt and freshwater crocodile any way just got back from a cruise and did musical trivia I got 18 out of 20 and sang a lot at Karaoke hope you have fun at Darwin next year

  3. Marc I just got an iPhone 6s Plus and next year I’m going to Disney world to dance with addco