Saturday, 4 July 2020

Space Hulk: Boarding Team Big Build

Hi folks,

We are coming to the end of another Hobby Season and, as usual, I have done very little this year to address my To-Do list. I have done heaps of stuff, just very little that I originally intended to do. I have grown quite philosophical about this over the previous years, though looking back on the list itself, I did have some really fun stuff in there. My original idea was to have a really hard craic at my Space Hulk miniatures so that I could play a couple of more spectacular games with my mates. Now that I am on school holidays for a couple of weeks, I have decided to start working to tick off some of these projects. The picture above is the Blood Angels team, which is used in a lot of the earlier missions, consisting of a Sergeant with powersword and storm bolter, marine with heavy flamer and powerfist and three marines with storm bolters and powerfists. Just the basics really.

I have replaced the models of the second team with Deathwing variants, including one that could represent an Apothecary, using some of the more advanced rules I have. I like the Blood Angels variants of these models as well, but they will need to wait for another Hobby Season, I think. I really love how the thunder hammer sergeant turned out and can't wait to paint him!

To finish off the I also constructed a Fallen Angel boarding team in Tartaros armour, that can act as a replacement for the Blood Angels, act as a stand alone team or engage in some PvP action. I am hoping to put together some homebrew rules so that they can be used as some alternative enemy models in the normal game as well. I can imagine the Deathwing player trying to hunt them down, while the Blood Angels player is desperately crying out for support defeating the genestealers...

Time to start painting again, methinks.

See you across the table,



  1. They look great. I particularly like the Tartaros guys, never really paid them much heed before but they look really beefy.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the hobby season this year. I don't think I've achieved much either. My Deathwing Knights took too much out of me. I'm philosophical too, in that the lockdown time I hatha5 so many others achieved so much in I used to complete some really challenging models. It might not seem like much but they're a massive win.

    Anyway, we've still got 2 months left, a sixth of a year. Who knows what we'll get done in that time!

  2. The heavy flamer Tartaros marine looks like an absolute tank!

    I often get a heap done in those last 2 months, so I am quietly optimistic. Mentally, I am gearing up for painting another Imperial Knight for Dreadtober...

  3. I absoultely love the Tartaros pattern. But those other Terminators are also simply iconic!

    1. I agree, they are amazing sculpts. In fact, I don't think there are any Terminator sculpts that I don't like!