Saturday 29 August 2020

Space Hulk: Fallen Angels Boarding Party TO-DONE!!!


Hi folks,

I have juuuuust managed to squeeze one last project out of the 2019/20 Hobby Season. This is a squad Fallen terminators I will be using for Space Hulk, Kill Team and perhaps a small 40K army. The paint scheme for Fallen is pretty simple, so I made it harder for myself and added some checkered patterns. If you look close enough at them you can see they are not quite as neat and even as they should be, but in large amounts I think they are a cool addition.

Well, that's it for this season. Tomorrow I will post a season wrap-up with all that has been achieved and some of what could have been. After that I'll have a new To-Do list, full of interesting projects for 9th Edition, 2nd Edition, Kill Team, Space Hulk and Age of Sigmar. I have not decided what I will work on next; with the release of 9th Edition, the current 2nd Edition Army challenge and DreadTober around the corner, I am spoiled for choices! But I am getting ahead of myself; here is my last TO-DONE of the season!!

See you across the table,



  1. These look great and the chequered Shoulder looks fantastic. Are these the FW set or the HH plastics?

    1. Thanks Siph :-) They are HH plastics; super easy to work with and the sculpts have really grown on me. At first I thought they were a little goofy looking, but the heavy flamer marine looks boss (I think).

  2. I love them! The checkered patterns work well to break up the flat areas and add some visual interest.

  3. Very cool! I also think the checkers work and came out well. That’s a fine looking squad!