Saturday, 13 March 2021

Hobby Diary Part 2: Monster March and 2nd Edition Army Challenge


Hi folks,

Just a quick post today to document my progress, as I am literally busy painting. This week has been excruciatingly busy at work and next week will be no different, so I have to get as much done now as I can!

I have added the first layers to my Forest Dragon for #MonsterMarch, including a nice blend on the wings. Tomorrow, I am hoping to get the head and neck section done, which should help me understand how the rest should look. In fact, once the head is done, I feel like I will have broken the back of the project. It has the most colours that I need to execute, due to the horns, eyes, teeth and open mouth.

Apart form the wings, the project is at that stage where it looks like rubbish! I know that the greens will get brighter and more defined, the tan will get deeper and warmer, and the horns will get colder and blended dark towards the tips. The open mouth will contrast against the green nicely too, but all of that stuff is just in my head at this stage and it drives me a little crazy. Ah well, keep at it I guess!

The Razorback is really close to completion, though I think I am going to have to attempt to free-hand as I don't have the characteristic Razorback decals. A stencil is probably the way to go about it.

I need to make sure that I remember to paint the hatches, which I kept separate to make the gunner easier to paint. I also need to give myself enough time to do the decals, as they are going to take quite a while.

See you across the table,



  1. Nice work! What colour will you put on the inside of the dragon's mouth?
    The Razorback is coming along nicely too! That red gunnozzle and the blended plasmagun casings just sit so incredibly well with the green of the main bulk.

    1. Cheers, I'm thinking of doing a fleshy purple and pink blend for the mouth. I should have a photo of it by tonight (if I can get my act together after work!).

  2. Everything coming along well there! I especially like the razorback, but then I have a soft spot for legacy Dark Angels models. :)

    1. The Razorback is such an iconic 2nd Ed sculpt; I'm really looking forward to using it in a game.