Saturday, 15 May 2021

Hobby Diary Part 6: Smoke Jaguar Command Lance Finished and Gaming


Hi folks,

Towards the end of last week I added the finishing touches to this command Star of Smoke Jaguars. Wade and I had previously worked on them together, to get the majority of the painting done. Wade then took them hoe and added some more washes, gun-barrel weathering, gloss varnish on the laser lenses and mud bases. I finished them off with some laser cut foliage and the tiniest decals I have even used.

We celebrated the completion of the project by getting the guys together for a game, pitching the Command Star against a Star of second-line Clan mechs. Space Cowboy and I took the Smoke Jaguar's and managed to destroy two enemy mechs and a tower. We even managed to win the initiative roll (...once...). At the end of the game though, the simplicity and efficiency of the second-line mechs was a telling factor. With 6 ER PPCS between them, and Space Cowboy miscalculating his heat dissipation capacity the whole game for his most powerful unit, we were never really in the game competitively. We had lots of laughs though, which is a win 😂.


See you across the table,


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  1. Nice! They look sweet as a group - I really love the patterns on their upper bodies and the splash of colour from the lenses and canopies.