Saturday, 12 June 2021

Hobby Diary Part 7: Ghost Bears and Devastators


Hi folks,

I haven't had a whole lot of energy the past couple of weeks; family, health and work issues have been rolling me in the foam. It hasn't all been bad, some things have just caused me to be ridiculously busy, but that level of business is unsustainable. This weekend is a long weekend in Australia, as we celebrate the Queens birthday, and all I can say is that I have spent most of my time sleeping on the lounge with dogs on top of me.

At some point last week I managed to finish paining these Ghost Bear mechs from the first wave of the Clan Invasion Kickstarter. Both the Adder and the Nova are over-gunned Mechs, which I love; if you want to unleash hell to your own detriment in a game, these guys can dish it out. The Nova has 12 Extended Range Medium Lasers, with only enough heat sinks to fire half of them. But if you want to fire all of them...

The Adder has two Particle Projector Cannon "head-cappers". It can also fire just one comfortably, but I'll happily ride that Heat Scale a little higher if it means taking down Mechs twice its size.

For the 2nd Edition Army Challenge I have been tinkering with a combat squad of Devastator marines with heavy bolters. That has mostly involved converting arms to fit them, as they didn't come with any ($50 on ebay only buys you so much vintage 40K!).


I'm fervently hoping that today's mindfulness will provide me with some energy to get on with some painting tomorrow.

As a side note, I have been participating in the Push up Challenge for the past couple of days. This is an event held in Australia, which raises money for critical Mental Health services. In short, I'm trying to do one push-up for every person who committed suicide in Australia in 2019 (3318 in 25 days) to raise money for Lifeline. Lifeline is an emergency counselling hotline, which serves over a million people every year, but struggles to meet demand. If you feel like donating to help me support this cause, of just feel like following my progress through the challenge, check out the link below: 

See you across the table,


  1. Love those Devastators! They are going to look great!
    Just donated, great way to call attention to an important issue.

    1. Cheers, your donation is greatly appreciated! It is hard to find a person who has not been touched by poor mental health or suicide in their family/friendship circle (or even themselves). With many critical services in the hands of volunteers and charity organisations, we really do have to look out for them, and each other.

  2. Some days I regret selling off my '90s Battletech stuff. But no one to play with here. Love the new squad for the 2nd Ed. Dark Angels!

    I'm in for the cause with a donation from 262krieg today. Suicide is a world wide issue we could all get behind.

  3. I inherited some busted up 90's Mechs from my best mate; they are like precious gems [sad smile]. Thanks for your donation, it means a lot to me. I have 200 push ups to do today! Yikes!!