Wednesday 31 August 2022

2021/2022 Hobby Season Review


Hi folks,

This hobby season I feel like I have been achieving just enough to keep everything ticking over. At least half of the year has been spent contributing to the 2nd Edition Army Challenge, which is amazing fun but all-consuming. My Legion of the Damned project was particularly intense, as it involved a lot of free-hand and conversion work. As a result, a lot of other projects have fallen by the wayside due to lack of time. The exception would have to be the time I chiselled out to help my son with his Orks, which I wouldn't give up for anything! Let's take a look at what I managed to complete in 2021/2022:

2nd Edition Legion of the Damned

These models are a pretty accurate reflection of my dream army circa 1996! I have a couple of models still left to paint, but I was feeling a little burned out after the challenge (pun intended). In particular, the army needs a Techmarine to be playable.

Iron Snakes

My Iron Snakes army is probably my favourite collection, so not working on them grates on my nerves a little during the year. I did manage to finish this Captain in gravis armour to lead my fire support elements; he's a beast on the counter-charge.

Van Diemen's World Devils

Every now and then I add to my mate Wade's collection of Devils. They are all sculpts from Victoria Miniatures. The addition of Ogryn-sized slouch hats to their model range was a masterstroke :-)

Space Hulk Dark Angels

These Deathwing Terminators double as a Space Hulk boarding team and some elite "first born" auxiliary for my urban Dark Angel army. I painted them in the old Deathwing scheme, which is stark white.


For DreadTober last year I painted this Imperial Knight Warglaive. I only have one in my 1500 point list, which is perhaps a mistake, but I liked the idea of having a little "Patroclus" running around with my larger "Achilles" Knight Preceptor. Always a joy to be painting the blessed verdigris. The custom parts (sword and helmet) were all from Taro Modelmaker.

Oscar's Orks

Painting 40K with my son is a real long-term project. I haven't pushed him very much, but have jumped in whenever he has shown interest. He has built up a 500 point army so far, which can table my Tyranids in 3 turns! This season we painted a Squig Buggy and Ghazza himself. My son generally puts down all of the layers and even some very fine details (eyes, lenses etc). I then help him with the washes a little and some of the more fiddly edge highlighting. There will certainly be more of these next season.

Hive Fleet Numereji

With the new Tyranid Codex I have been working on adding some extra details to my mostly-painted Nids, including colour shifting carapace armour and lighter claws. The first completely finished model is my converted Deathleaper. I am really enjoying working on them every once in a while, but I will have to post a list and get stuck into some of the bigger monstrous units soon, which will be a challenge.

I guess that is it for the season. I have a bunch of ideas for the next To-Do list, but that will have to wait for another post.

See you across the table,



  1. While the Legion of the Damned may have taken up a lot of time, it's so very worth it. Not only is an amazing looking result, achieving childhood dreams seems to me one of the more important things to do in adultood.
    Of course the other miniatures look great as well, but the best thing has to be your son's smile! That really warms the heart.
    All in all I'd call this season a success! The Tyranid looks very promising – Onto the next season!

  2. A great bunch of projects for the year! The Legion of the Damned units are really fantastic.