Saturday, 11 March 2023

2nd Edition Army Challenge IV: Tyranid Warriors TO-DONE!!!


Hi folks,

Towards the end of February, I made a final big effort to get my warriors completed. I had kept them in sub-assemblies, as I knew the completely assembled models had lots of hard to get places in regard to painting detail. The final construction of the model was a real pain though, as the parts are heavy and fiddly to fit. The main problem was that the arm pegs didn't fit the holes in the torso well enough. Knocking the parts against other painted parts caused quite a few chips, so I shelved the whole project for the night and mulled it over. The next day I fixed all of the places where the paint had chipped and drilled out the holes in the torso with a large drill bit, which fit the arm pegs really well. I then varnished all of the parts before attempting to glue them in place again.

Et voila!



Venom cannons and a barbed strangler

In 2nd Edition the devourers get two sustained fire dice when they hit, causing a maximum of six hits each that cause fear. They also have the potential to jam, which is not ideal! The deathspitters are a little more reliable, dealing a strength 6 hit to a single target and strength 3 hits to nearby models. I included them in the brood for a little more consistency. Venom cannons are by far the best heavy weapon choice for Tyranids, though the barbed strangler is pretty funny when it manages to actually do its thing. You need to kill something with the initial strength 4, -1 save hit. Once you have done that, the 3" blast that occurs can really tear a hole in the enemy army. 

Overall, I was very pleased with how the Hive Fleet paint scheme has worked with the larger models. Certainly worthy of a big badge:

See you across the table,



  1. Beautiful Xenos! Once again great colours - really doing these old models proud!

  2. Those are some pretty vibrant tyranids, really captures the feel of 2nd edition when everything was as brightly coloured as possible, with goblin green base rims!