Tuesday 3 October 2023

Iron Snakes Terminators: TO-DONE!!


Hi folks,

It's DreadTober!! So, of course I have been painting Terminators 😆

I guess the original name of Terminator armour was Tactical Dreadnought armour, so that has to count for something, right?!

These terminators have been sitting in a little box for years now; an unfinished unit that was meant to be an quick addition to my Iron Snakes army. That collection is conspicuously missing any close combat units and anti-armour capability, so thunderhammer-toting terminators always seemed like an obvious choice. 

I have painted them in the usual scheme (leadbelchers, warplock bronze and kabalite green verdigris) with some additional turquoise accents and red shoulder pads to match the trim I usually have on the other infantry units. I used some decals that Sgt Waz and Wade gave me for my Birthday during the COVID-19 lockdown. The bases were finished with some cute laser cut ferns from Noch. Here are some close up pics:


I had to kitbash this guy a quick mace head to replace the hammer part I used for the captain.


Iron Snakes often attach an Apothecary to squads on extended missions when they are expected to operate independently for a time.

Iron Halo Dude

This guy was originally going to get a cyclone missile launcher... but... yeah...

Just Ken

Nothing special, he's just Ken.


Can't touch this.

To lead this unit I have rebased a Captain in Terminator armour I painted for D Power's Soulslike painting competition. The prize for winning that competition was a portrait of the miniature, created in D's signature grim/dark as hell style (which has taken pride of place in my hobby space ever since):

The story behind this Captain is that he has been trapped by himself on a hellish daemonworld for an extended period of time (let's just call it The Underworld). Having been comprehensively tested for corruption and being judged pure of mind and soul, Mikos has returned to active service. All who fight beside him agree that he has changed...

I also added the finishing touches to some objective markers, which have already seen some action on the table top. 

With this final distraction out of the way, it is time to focus on my DreadTober pledge! More about that next time...

See you across the table,



  1. Nicely done! These hammers mean bussines. I'm still quite fond of these miniatures. I might have to see about getting my hands on some of them...

    1. Cheers, mate. I still have a couple of Space Hulk Terminators to paint in this scale, but I have to say the new models look fantastic. It is going to be difficult to go back once I start painting those.

  2. Love these guys and also how just one is wearing a helmet, kind of the inverse to a standard squad [though he isn't the sergeant]. Also like the ammo store objectives. I have two of these myself that are primed red and have been for about 5-8 years. I need to put some effort in them and all my ammo crates and fuel drums from my Munitorum Containers kits at some point. It's embarrassing, although it's not like I'm not busy doing other things so I shouldn't be too hard on myself.

    1. I have had those containers since 3rd Edition, I think! They make for great little objectives. I can't remember why I decided to not use helmets on the majority of these models, but I am happy with how they look :-)

  3. Lovely work. The Iron Snakes are one of my favourite chapters, but not one which I've considered painting before.
    Your Terminators look brilliant, and Captain Mikos had a certain Night Lords flavour about him...

    1. Thanks Sachiel :-) I think I was channeling some Legion of the Damned vibes when I painted Mikos, though I didn't paint any obvious flames. He reminds me a little of Hades from Clash of the Titans.

  4. Nice work. Great looking squad!