Friday 26 January 2024

Deathwing Progress and eBay Rescue


Hi folks,

With the family away looking after a friend's horse ranch you would think I would get some more time to paint. The start of the new school term has pretty much nixed that, unfortunately. Last night I managed to work on my Deathwing Terminators for a while, getting all of the arms and weapons done.

I am going with the classic white OG Space Hulk scheme for them, with some grey shading to make it look a little bit more like they have just coated themselves in ashes. As you can see, I have fiddled the arms around to allow one of the terminators to carry a cyclone missile launcher, to help alleviate some of the vehicle/monster issues my 1000 point list has. I have also used the powersword from the Deathwing command squad sprue, which is a controversial choice in some circles. To make up for the fact that the sergeant is clearly not respecting the machine spirit of his blade by sticking it straight down in the ground, I have placed a Tyranid Warrior head on the base for it to fit into, with a whole in the skull for the sword tip and a lolling tongue for lols.

The head is another 3D printed native Aamerican sculpt from Puppetswar, to help fit the Last of the Plains People theme. I spent the last bit of my painting session painting the sword, hopefully adding some ghostly colours in there; I was inspired by the colour scheme of the Army of the Dead from LoTR: Return of the King. It is not as neat as I could do it, but my mind at the moment is awarding big points for "finished". You can see I have chopped the bottom of the blade off a bit as well, just to really sell the idea that it is deep in the warriors head. 

With the rules for the Vanguard combat patrol army being released in the last White Dwarf, I spen a bit of trolling on eBay to see if I could score a cheap squad of Suppressors. I didn't realise at first that there is no actually box for them yet, only the full Vanguard set, so prices were ridiculous! I managed to find two squads being sold by a person I have ordered from before and snaffled one with the flying stands intact. they sustained a bit of damage in transit; three grav chutes broke off the backpacks. I was kind of expecting that this may happen and fixing them wasn't too hard using polystyrene glue and some superglue later to strengthen the join. You can see some frosting on the backpacks from the superglue, which I will sort out during the painting step.

With the addition of these three models I will have everything I need to field the combat patrol in the White Dwarf, which gives me a handy option for smaller games with my mates. All I have to do is finish painting them...

See you across the table,



  1. The sergeant is going to come out great, love the sword in the...head! Very bugged out Arthurian, if you ask me.

  2. Lovely work on the sergeant!
    Ever since I saw MonkeyChucker's Captain Precarious balancing on a Carnifex's head, I wanted to something with a lolling tongue like that. The only thing holding me back is the lack of a fitting Space Marine, but maybe I could just do it for the fun of it!