Tuesday 16 April 2024

Dark Angels Techmarine TO-DONE!!!


Hi folks,

In between 2nd Edition projects I have been trying to keep up some momentum with my urban Dark Angels. I was wondering what my old Deathwatch RPG character would look like if he crossed the rubicon Primaris, so decided to have a go at kit-bashing him. I experimented with mounting the forge bolter and servo arm on a backpack, but decided modelling a separate servitor would look less "busy".

The body is from a Lieutenant model I got cheaply from a magazine. The plasma pistol was a spare I had left over from the Zakariahl model. The other arm I pieced together from the Deathwing champion's halberd, a random upper arm and a Deathwatch shoulder pad my son gleefully donated from his growing collection. The head is from the old Ravenwing upgrade sprue. The backpack is a Devastator sergeant's signum. I figured that would be good for designating targets for the servitor. I tried to paint some kind of lightning motif on the axe-blade, but, well... I have never been particularly good at lightning.

The servitor was made out of an older robed Dark Angels veteran, with the head swapped with a Sicarian Infiltrator, which I thought looked suitably servitor-like and gribbly. Both the heavy ("forge") bolter and servo arm are from old servitor models, with a trimmed down heavy bolter ammo pack to finish it off.

With this pair done I am only two models away from completing my target 1000 point army, with plans for another 500 points of Ravenwing support. Well worth a big stamp!

Now my sights are back on 2nd Edition, with an Armorcast Exocrine well on its way to completion before the 25th April deadline.

See you across the table,



  1. You should show off your van diemens again! Brilliant work!

    1. I would love to paint some more Van Diemen's units, they are fantastic! I never keep them though, they are all gifts for a mate.