Wednesday 19 November 2014

Post 50 Celebration

Sooo many snakes. Snakes everywhere.

Hi folks,

50 posts! Woooooooooo!
Thanks to all of those people who have taken a look at the articles in my blog. If you haven’t noticed, I put a lot of who I am into what I write, so it is very humbling to have watched the readership grow over the past 6 months. Special old school thanks goes to those who have left contributions to the site, either through comments, links, gaming time, painting expertise or other correspondences. It feels supremely edifying to be part of this international community of gamers and artisans.


The past couple of weeks have been crunch time at work, which I am sure everyone goes through at some point in the year. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, with school holidays coming around in about three weeks. I should have plenty of time to finally nail some projects I have been tapping away at. I am planning on painting the inside of the siege mantles for my Iron Snakes tonight. This is probably the most painful stage of the process, as the inside of the shield is pretty hard to see on the finished miniature. The completionist in me won’t settle for less, though.
To stay sane, I have been playing quite a few pick-up games of various flavours. Here are some snap shots of the latest shenanigans:
Twilight Struggle: A big game in which I have teamed up with the wifey to take on KuriboGoomba. We are now up to the Late War after two gruelling but awesome sessions.
Twilight Struggle Cold War action on Remembrance Day, with ANZAC biscuits!
Lord of the Rings CCG: My Dwarves/Goblins took on the wifey's "Elves love Aragorn"/Nazgul deck, as well as KuriboGoombas Hobbit/Ugly Dudes deck (which one's the ugly one?). Wifey lost after taking a huge lead early on in the game, whilst Goomba held on for a gutsy win by one site.

Father/Son combo. I have used these guys to take down the Balrog...
No one trusts an Elf.
Everyone was invited. I tried to kill them, but they just. Wouldn't. DIE!
Some unconventional playing pieces. I was not the bloody pony. 
Galactic Strike Force: I had never heard of this game before Friday; I'll be doing a full review of it a bit later on. It is a cooperative game where you defend a planetary system against an enemy fleet by upgrading your spaceships with equipment and booty. There was something very "The Last Starfighter" about it: great fun.
Finally, I received this in the mail:
I picked up two starter sets because that's what all the cool kids are doing, and a B-wing because they have always been my favourite. Can't wait to crack these open, though it will have to wait until Christmas. Anyway, back to painting snakes ;o)
See you across the table,

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