Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hive Fleet Numereji: Flyrant Build Complete

Hi folks,

Happy new year! I was all set to do a massive gaming session today, including the final battle of the Battletech campaign I have been playing with my mate Wade, but instead I am at home sick (a "daycare special"). I hope wherever you are you are having a much better start to the year than I am.

I have managed to complete the building stage of my flying Hive Tyrant. The last couple of steps involved cleaning up the second set of wings and modelling custom ball joints that would allow them to fit with the standard pair on the same model. The second set is actually from an old Forest Dragon kit I bought many, many moons ago. I also added some short scything talons from the Tyrant Guard sprues.

I also assembled the abdomen and legs, which I affixed to the base with some extra green stuff for support. I scrounged through my bitz boxes and found an old school Genestealer Magus that I new I had lying around somewhere. I'm using him to pay homage to the imagery of Cloudjumper with his rider Valka.

Cloudjumper, looking a little less like a psychic overlord, and Valka

I obviously didn't want the Magus riding the Tyrant, that seemed a bit like putting the cart before the horse. I could imagine that if a Magus was a particularly gifted psyker a Tyrant may string him around as a psychic amplifier before finally giving him up to the digestion pools.

Here is a final dry fit of the torso pieces; the wings are not stable enough to photograph using Blutac alone.

The next stage, painting the Magus, will have to wait for a while as I make a last push to finish off my Iron Snakes Sternguard. By that time I should have my new digital camera up and running so I can stop using my mobile phone!

See you across the table,


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