Monday 29 December 2014

X-wing: We Got Deathstar

Hi folks,

Just before Christmas I sent off a file of the Deathstar trench, which I found on the net, to be printed on vinyl. I received it this morning and it looks pretty good for a game of X-wing:

Sometime during the year I will try and add to it with some turbolasers from ebay, assuming FFG doesn't bring out there own set. I'm assuming they will also bring out a dedicated playing mat as well, which will probably be 10 times better, but this one can act as a decent stop-gap.

Tonight I am playing a small introductory game, so we'll get some time to cook up some scenario specific rules we can use later. Wade is hanging out for his TIE Advanced, Millenium Falcon and Y-wing to arrive, which will really spice up any replay we do of the Star Wars: A New Hope final space battle.

When The FedEx guy arrived at the door I was reminded of this old chestnut. I'll leave you with it, enjoy:

See you across the table,


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