Monday 11 January 2016

Japanese Garden Themed Terrain Part 2

Hi folks,

I think there must be some cosmic balancing act at work in my man-cave. A few days ago I painted the bridge for my Japanese Garden themed terrain piece and made sure the circumference of the pond was sealed as much as possible. Yesterday I mixed a poured the resin and half-way through the curing process I can see that...

...something is awry.

There is a weird cloudy film on the surface of the resin in some parts, which may be due to high humidity. It looks almost like the start of a bacterial colony on an agar plate, if you have ever done bacterial cultures before you will know what I am talking about.

Weird swirly film.

There are also some strange ripples in sections, which look almost as if some resin has started to cure but then been moved by some kind of flow. Weird.

"Are those fish... actually swimming." Weird.

Overall it doesn't ruin the piece, but I wish this kind of stuff had happened on my practice piece instead of this one! After another 24 hours I'll take a good look at it and decide whether the project is a bust or not. If it doesn't get any worse and sets properly I'll be happy, otherwise I'll be pulling off the bridge and starting again.

You will recall that at the start of the post I thought some kind of cosmic balancing act was at work, well, my mate KuriboGoomba found a 20 year old box of rare Battletech miniatures ("Unseen", for those in the know) and solemnly placed them in my care.

I am lovingly restoring them and it is an absolute blast. More about them next post!

See you across the table,


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