Wednesday 17 February 2016

Iron Snakes: Master of the Forge Build Complete

Hi folks,

I don't know when I developed a love for Techmarines, I think it may have been when the Chaos Gate PC game came out in '98. Since then I have tinkered with quite a few models and even played a Dark Angels Techmarine in the Deathwatch RPG. So when it came to picking a character to lead my Iron Snakes detachment, it was a pretty easy decision. Constructing a Techmarine that looks like he belongs to the Iron Snakes Chapter, well... that was a little harder.

Here's what I started with:

Nine pins and one hour later I had a servo harness that I was confident wouldn't fall apart:

I tinkered with the arms a little bit to get the pose right and removed the crux terminatus from the right shoulder pad. The empty space that affords will be filled up with an Iron Snakes Chapter symbol. At this stage the parts are still detachable so that I can paint them properly.

I am going to paint this guy as soon as my Dark Angels projects are finished, which will give me some time to figure out how I am going to do that harness. I thought the regular Sternguard had a lot of components to consider but this guy is off the charts ;-)

Hobby Bingo stamp woohoo!

See you across the table,


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