Saturday, 27 February 2016

Japanese Garden Themed Terrain: TO-DONE!

Hi folks,

Last night I added the final touches to my Japanese Garden themed terrain piece: a bunch of laser cut vegetation from Noch. Along the path leading up to, and away from, the bridge, I placed some small, compact red blooms.

Around the bridge I placed some reeds. I was going to embed the reeds in the water, but I had so much trouble with the test-run that I decided not to. Resin that was setting inside the reeds was forcing the leaves apart, taking away that characteristic reed shape of the plant.

On top of the water I glued some laser cut lilies, which I had also trimmed to fit the shape of the pond.

Leading up to the cherry tree I added a large yellow bloom, followed by the cherry tree itself. As with the laser cut ferns I have used previously, a small ball of green stuff was added to the base of each plant and used to aid keep each plant in place whilst the glue dried.

There is just one element missing form the diorama that I would like to include: some kind of a small shrine. I have no idea where to place it though, and it will take a while to order in the little piece that I need, so for now I am saying this project is finished. It will be heading over to Wade's place for use in 40K and Ronin games.

This terrain piece happens to be on my 2015/16 To-Do list, so it's time to whip out the big green stamp:

See you across the table,


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