Monday, 7 March 2016

Astoran: Dark Angels Master of the Arsenal

Hi folks,

This Company Master figure came out with a Dark Angels Army box many moons ago, during a time when I definitely couldn't splash out a few hundred AUD just to get my hands on a single limited edition figure. A few years ago, thanks to the wonders of eBay, my mates rectified that problem; thanks guys :o)

The new Dark Angels Codex names the Master of the 3rd as Astoran, which I have decided to adopt. To celebrate, I did a backpack swap and repainted the glow on his plasma weapon to match the new turquoise scheme I have been using. Originally, I had a simple banner on this guy, but I like the idea of the Siege Masters in the Badab War campaign army lists. Siege Masters are equipped with Signum just like a Devastator Sergeant and have access to some interesting Warlord Traits.

I am thinking that Astoran could have been a Veteran Devastator Sergeant, who has made his way through the ranks of the Inner Circle, re-directing fire to support units hunting the Fallen and besieging their hide-outs when required.

I have played a few games with this guy armed with the Lion's Roar combi-plasma and a powerfist (who knows what he has under that cloak...). The Lion's Roar is a nice surprise if you can drop that blast on a compact enemy unit, followed by a charge. I am aiming to add some more plasma weapons to his command squad, to take full advantage of the Relentless USR afforded by the Sacred Standard I take. And because MOAR plasma ;-)

So, in between the other 5 projects I have going on,  I will be tinkering with the Command Squad and getting it game ready. Looking at these photos, I'll have to add a bit of the old Dark Angels Green to the backpack to brighten it up a bit, just like I did with my Dreadnoughts earlier. Ahhh... the joys of miniature photography!

See you across the table,


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