Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Old Stuff Day!

Hi folks,

Over the past couple of years there has been a movement among regular bloggers to rediscover and share classic blog posts. I still feel that Old School Gaming hasn't been around long enough to warrant any serious blogomancy, so I thought I would share some photos of two miniatures I have never posted before instead. I originally posted WIP articles of these projects on my old blog "Bravest of the Plains People", which has since disappeared into the ether.

When the Assault on Black Reach box first came out I snaffled a friend's unwanted Space Marine Dreadnought and combined it with the new Blood Angels Dreadnought kit, spawning a Deathwing themed Dreadnought with a sniper rifle.

With the remaining parts I assembled an Interrogator Chaplain Dreadnought with a crozius arcanum and flamestorm cannon:

The crozius was made out of the Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought force weapon arm and two Dark Angels icons filed flat and glued back-to-back.

The fuel drums were from an old terrain kit I had lying around, which I cut to size. The robed sarcophagus was from a veteran Dark Angels marine torso; the hood is green stuff sculpted poorly :-)

The flamestorm cannon is from a Landraider Redeemer. Coupled with a heavy flamer, that makes for an epic degree of burnination.

In the spirit of the new Deathwatch release,  my second offering is a Dark Angels Deathwatch Techmarine that I converted for a Deathwatch RPG campaign. Sgt Waz teamed up with me to paint it and introduced me to the joys of weathering powders. The aim was to make him look like he spends a lot of time under Landraiders doing grease and oil changes. It also represents my first forays into OSL and NMM painting techniques. I have many fond memories of playing this character, in particular, a Lion and the Wolf grudge battle with another Deathwatch character that I narrowly won using my combat knife. After that, it just had to go on the model:

I leave you with this old chestnut: a photo of me I found on the weekend, caught with a mouthful of chocolate, reading a 2nd Edition Eldar codex in 1996, on the day I learned that 40K was a thing.

Thanks Tim and Ben!

How's that for old stuff :-)

See you across the camping table,


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