Saturday 15 October 2016

Armies on Parade 2016: Liverpool Part 1

Hi folks,

I dropped in to my local GW this morning to check out the Armies on Parade entries and vote for the best display. My mate Sgt Waz was showcasing his Salamanders this year, which I know he has been working hard on, so it felt good to give him a bit of support. The atmosphere in the store was fantastic this year, there was a great mix of old and new players. Conversations ranged from the sharing of basic painting skills with the less experienced painters, to troll legends from Norway, to the sharing of deep nostalgia regarding Genestealer Cults. It was also nice to see that GW had organised pins for each participant to reward them in some way.

I love a good trophy cabinet!

I had a wander around all the displays and it was pretty clear that Sgt Waz had produced something special. In this post I will just focus on his entry, as it contained so many cool aspects; I'll save the others for later.

The army was fronted by none other than the Primarch himself:

Flanking him was a Librarian, based on the Blood Angels Librarian from Space Hulk, and Vulkan He'Stan.

To either side were units of Terminators and Vanguard, as well as some fearsome heavy support.

Above them was the centerpiece of the collection: a Thunderhawk gunship on a landing pad complete with landing lights.

On either side of the Thunderhawk gunship was a Dreadnought, including a Venerable Dreadnought and Mortis Pattern Contemptor.

Then when you take a look towards the back of the display you find some more surprises. In fact, I couldn't look anywhere without seeing something interesting. For example, a Company Master overseeing the loading of the Thunderhawk from a balcony.

Or perhaps the four Imperial Assassins! The Culexis was hard to take a shot of, but here are the other three.

Last, but possibly my favourite, was right at the back of the Thunderhawk. Sgt Waz had positioned a Techmarine there, controlling a yellow powerloader (Sentinel) that was busy loading the Thunderhawk, just like the scene in Aliens. You beauty!

What more could you want? It was no surprise when the votes were finally counted at 4 pm that Sgt Waz had scored his second win in recent years. Congratulations champ! Next post I will show some of the other entries, which were all very well done.

See you across the table,


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