Sunday 2 October 2016

X-wing: The Defense of Bespin

Hi folks,

This week I discovered a new FLGS, though I use the term lightly. Not that the place wasn't friendly, you just couldn't play any games there. Combat Company is an online store here in Sydney, with its headquarters a short drive from my place. Whilst most of their sales are online, you can buy directly from the warehouse, which is a surreal experience. Sgt Waz and I made the road trip and parked in the middle of this industrial/commercial estate; all of the roller doors were closed and only one door was open. The whiteboard on the wall as we walked in said something like "help yourself to a basket" and I was all like, "I won't need a basket"...

They had everything. EVERYTHING. I needed a basket.

All of the best miniatures games were there, as well as extra stuff by other companies that support the same games. There was also an aisle of bases. I bought myself some Infinity miniatures and a terrain pack, then spied on a top shelf above the register this gorgeous playing mat for X-wing:

We broke it in with a quick game between my Bespin Defense Fleet and some random Rebel ships that Sgt Waz chose on the fly, including two A-wings, an X-wing and Lando in the Falcon. With my heavy laser toting Heavy Scyk Interceptors, I knew I could deal damage at range, but up close the StarViper (Guri) would need to punch way above its weight, even with an advanced proton torpedo kicker.

The Bespin Defense Fleet steams towards the Rebels at full speed.

Early on I put as many shots on the Falcon as possible, stripping its shields with an advanced proton torpedo volley and nearly destroying it with heavy lasers. The return fire heavily damaged my StarViper.

Advanced proton torp to the face in 3... 2... 1...

As I came around for another pass the Falcon's turret destroyed my StarViper, but an M3-A Interceptor returned the favour the next turn. The limitations of the heavy lasers were starting to gnaw at me. I couldn't shoot at all at range one, so I was now maneuvering carefully to set up range 2 shots. Edit: I forgot that I could still use my primary weapon! Gahhh! I may have been at home playing X-wing, but my brain was obviously still at Combat Company, pouring over shelves and shelves of shiny cool stuff.

The Falcon is taken out from range 3, after a previous critical hit reduced its agility and Sgt Waz rolled a blank.

I started to whittle down the shields and hull on the X-wing, as the A-wings were proving too nimble and weren't doing much damage with their flashlights. Then they teamed up to take down an Interceptor and it was a 1 vs 3 battle!

Maneuvering to shoot an A-wing at range 2 whilst staying out of range 1 of the other A-wing and arc-dodging the X-wing. My best move of the game.

My plucky little Interceptor managed to take the X-wing down to the brink of destruction before running out of luck.

The return fire was deleterious.

Sgt Waz can chalk this one up as a win for the Rebels, though I'm sure Lando will be unimpressed by the dings in the Falcon.

See you across the table,


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