Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Iron Snakes: Centurion Squaduary Progress

Hi folks,

Progress is progress, as they say. It has been pretty difficult just to get through the days this week, so I wasn't expecting much in terms of creativity. I have managed to undercoat all of my Iron Snakes Centurions in Leadbelchers and Corax White, two of the three main colours of the scheme. On the weekend I will be laying down the bronze, in preparation for some verdigris weathering. This will give me two weeks to paint all of the detail if I am to get these guys done for Squaduary.

I have left the right shoulder off, as they were undercoated white, separately. I am going to paint the Iron Snakes symbol on those pretty early on in the process, as free-style painting is probably the hardest part of my scheme: best to get it out of the way.

For the bases, I am going to use my usual mixture of flock and static grass with some laser cut ferns, to match the base on my Contemptor.  I have been eying off the new Custodians Contemptor and imagining it all verdigris-ed up... I may have to make that happen.

Another bit of detail that I will try to knock over early is the faces. I have been improving my eye an skin techniques, especially since I started painting Infinity figures, so I shouldn't have too many problems (probably just wishful thinking...). If I get any more Centurions I think I will scrounge some more crested helms off the community.

I am really happy with how the first plasma cannon linked up with the power plant on the Centurions back. It was a lucky coincidence, as I have had to model an emergency heat-sink to connect the other one to. You can't really tell from the front, but if you turn the model around you can see the cannon is attached to a device on the base with vents made out of meltagun barrels (surely they can withstand some excess heat). I am looking forward to painting the cannon with some overheating effects.

In other news, I have started writing some articles for The Golden D6 Online Wargaming Magazine. This year I have been trying a few different ways to give back to the community that I love, such as commissioning work and parts from various up-and-coming artists, editing articles to help out some new bloggers and participating in as many community events as I can. I love the idea of dedicated gamers recapturing the good old days of hobby magazines, so I have decided to offer GD6 my support. They have been kind enough to post my profile on their website as a contributor; most of you know me well enough already, but if you want to know a bit more, go check it out. I'll be posting some extra insights into my Iron Snakes projects as well as some tutorials. If that interests you, consider checking the magazine out and supporting a great community initiative. Even better, consider writing an article or two yourself!

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone for your support last week. My family is still in shock, but the care shown to us by so many people has carried us through the worst of it. I'll be working on a special project to honour my little shadow, which I'll post here in commemoration.

See you across the table,


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