Saturday 25 March 2017

The Weekly Review 25/3/17

Hi folks,

As the smoke settles on another week, I am glad to be able to report some progress, on both my Landraider Excelsior and a project that I am working on for a mate.

On the Table 

This week I have focused on the driver and data augury on my Landraider Excelsior; there are no holes in the hull anymore! The driver is a Techmarine which I painted in the same scheme as Hephaeston, my Deathwatch character. The augury was made from a little Dark Angels receiver dish from the Ravenwing sprue and a piece of armour from the Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought. It's nice and small so that it won't distract from what ever I end up doing with the Aquila Aegis Field generator (I only have a shadow of an idea at the moment).

Under the Knife

With ANZAC day coming up in a few weeks, I figured I should get cracking on the Van Diemen's World transport I am putting together for The Trooper. One of the jobs I needed to do was to pin and glue the front wheel assembly, which I pimped out using parts from Victoria Miniatures.

With construction completed, I need to finish off the painting, which includes adding depth to the metallics, finishing off the weathering, painting the glass lenses on the roo shootin' lamps, some carbon scoring on the exhaust, everything on the twin heavy bolter and Colonel Clancy himself. I'll probably work some blue OSL in there somewhere, to match the lasguns on the infantry.

On my Mind

The 8th Edition rumours have been exciting this week. As a child of 2nd Edition, the idea of armour modifiers and individual movement stats are all pretty familiar to me. Having different ways to play the game is also pretty attractive, as the current rules haven't gained much traction in my gaming group the past couple of years. It would be interesting to present something really fresh to them and see if I can bring a few old friends back to the fold.

Also on my mind has been my health. I have a had a real shocker this week, with two trips to the Emergency ward at my local hospital. Whilst I am out of the woods, I could really do with a few weeks of peace. Let's hope the next review sees me enjoying better times.

See you across the table,


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